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3 Quick Ways to Turn your Inquiries into Bookings

Don’t like reading long blogs? We don’t like writing them either. Want to know what else is short? The time it takes for BriteVenue to positively impact your event sales conversion rate. I bring you three ways we make it quicker for you to turn inquiries into bookings.

Top 5 Trends in the Event Planning Industry in 2018

The question we always seem to ask ourselves in the event space: what are the trends in the events industry?? Let’s take a look at what 2017 has on offer for event industry professionals. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the future. What a truly exciting time to be involved in the event industry!

7 Wedding Ideas to Make Your Day More Enjoyable

With weddings, like life, it’s sometimes the smaller, insignificant things that make the biggest difference to your day and night. Fully enjoying the occasion with your beau, friends and family, can hinge on the tiniest factors! The following is a list of our top tips to help you get the best from your wedding day.

9 Tips to Get The Most out of a Wedding Fair

Wedding fairs are a great way to get a kick start in your wedding planning. Whether you’re newly engaged or you’ve been planning for a while, wedding fairs are a great way to gather lots of ideas and meet with wedding vendors who can help you put together your perfect wedding day!